Visiting Margaret River tours from Perth is always worth a visit-it’s a gorgeous, sun-drenched region with enough sand and surf to keep even the most boisterous family happy.

We’ve put together this list of some of the top tourist spots on a Margaret River tour from Perth, so you can know what to do while visiting.

#1 – Busselton Jetty

This is one of the best venues in Australia for watching dolphins and whales. It’s one of the only places where dolphins are guaranteed year-round (they live in nearby Geographe Bay). It’s also an ideal spot for fishing or taking boat tours. Margaret River tours from Perth will ensure you get to the jetty, a great place to enjoy the local seafood. It’s also famous for its “Busselton-Leschenault Estuary,” which has been declared a wetland of international importance and is home to over 200 species of birds that live there.

#2 – Yallingup 

The Yallingup region is on the coast and boasts some beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. Margaret River tours from Perth will ensure you get a gourmet seafood dinner and watch the sunset from the clifftop.

#3 – A spot on the beach

Even if you’re not a beach person, it’s worth visiting a local beach for an aftertaste of where you are. Just be sure to heed the warnings about sharp rocks-they can cause nasty injuries or even death!

#4 – The Raceway Gardens

This is one of Perth’s most popular attractions, no matter what time of year it is. Touring these grounds with Margaret River tours from Perth is a great way to spend a day. It’s a botanical garden, an art gallery, and a cafe all rolled into one. You’ll find some of the most gorgeous landscaping you’ve ever seen and plenty of excellent views of the main attraction: a raceway that flows through the gardens to water them.

#5 – The Margaret River wineries

There are more than 100 wineries in the Margaret River region, including some of the best wine brands. A Margaret River tour from Perth will include visits to several wineries…just don’t get so carried away with the wine tasting that you need to remember your beach towel!

#6 – The Margaret River Cheese Factory

The Margaret River Cheese Factory produces a wide variety of cheeses, including the wildly popular “Kimmy’s Creamy” and “Moo-tini.” With Margaret River tours from Perth, you’ll be able to walk through and see how the cheese is made. Don’t worry-it’s not as scary as it sounds.

#7 – Day trip to Geographe Bay

A handful of day trips to Geographe Bay are worth considering if you’re on a Margaret River tour from Perth with kids in tow. It’s scenic with many beaches, great fishing spots, and whale-watching opportunities. Margaret River tours from Perth can book a tour for you so you can see the area.

#8 – Riverside Drive

This is a must-see if you visit Margaret River tours from Perth. It’s a great road that winds through the city and provides several excellent vantage points for photos. There are also many scenic picnic spots along the way where you can stop and take in the scenery while having a refreshing bite to eat.

#9 – The Gorge Wildlife Park

This is another popular day trip worth considering while on your Margaret River tours from Perth. The Gorge Wildlife Park is ideally located in the town of Capel, which is a great place to stop for lunch.

#10 – Day trip to Bunker Bay Beach

This beach is one of the best in the Margaret River area, and you’ll find it on many Margaret River tours from Perth. It’s excellent for swimming, snorkelling, and whale watching. The southern portion of this beach is a designated marine park that provides the best places for diving or snorkelling. Best of all, Bunker Bay Beach has gentle waves ideal for families with young children.