This celestial tropical country is situated in the Indian Ocean to the southern side of Sri Lanka and India. This country is almost floating on serene ocean water. This island nation is an impeccable destination for pleasure seekers away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Maldives tourism is familiar to the whole world for its white sandy beaches, coral reefs, crystalline lagoon, palm infested islands, lavish aqua villas and cottages.

The beauty of this Archipelago can be described by its aqua blue waves, splashing against the sea floor with a soothing noise, with attractive reef sharks, fishes and corals amplifying the beauty of this underwater world.

Top 5 attractions of Maldives:

There are almost 1200 islands in Maldives. Out of the1200, 200 islands are inhabited, and more than 150 islands are jewelled with luxury resorts and villas.

  1. Dine Underwater:

The hotels in Maldives give its boarders a lifetime experience while staying on to them. The most divine luxurious facilities avail in this country is Underwater Restaurant. The Ithaa restaurant situated 5 metres below sea level and offers 180-degree panoramic views of sea lives including fishes, turtles, sharks and so on. This breath-taking scenario could be enjoyed with the seven-course tasting menu offers by the restaurant.

  1. Jetski safari:

For a different point of view of Maldives and to instil a sense of adventure escorted by an experienced local guide, a jetski safari can be included into the Maldives going honeymooners’ bucket list. This jetski safari helps the travellers to discover this scenically beautiful lagoons and hidden beaches. On this safari the travellers explore Azure sea and hidden beaches.

  1. Spot whales, dolphins and sharks:

The Maldivian sea shores among the top places in the world for spotting whales, dolphins and sharks. The Shaviyani and lhaviyani Atolls are known as uninhabited islands where wildlife spotting is a top-notch thing. Paa Atoll is a breeding ground for grey reef sharks and scuba diving destination.

  1. Book a spa:

Maldives is famous for their exclusive spas and massage centres for those in a mood for Love and pampering themselves can avail spa treatments. The cheval Blanc Spa at the Cheval Blanc Randheli which is entirely dedicated for the purpose of Guerlain treatment inspired by Maldivian Sun.  Others notable spas are Six Senses Spa, and Reethi Rah. The opportunity to experience traditional spa therapies has become a hotspot in the cruising map.

  1. Discover the culture:

Maldives originally is known as a safe passage for the ancient Persians travellers.  Over the years the Africans, Portuguese and British empires have all claims parts of the atolls and their cultural legacies still has a presence in the Island in the form of architectural landmark and unique culinary traditions

Four determining factors to choose hotels in Maldives:

  1. Cost- Price is the most important factor to consider whether you stay in the lavish water bungalows or the backpacker style guest rooms of Isdhoo, Maafush and so on.
  2. Accessibility- One of the most crucial things to choose the hotels in Maldives are its accessibility from Male. Male is the most connected city of Maldives. So, the tourists prefer to stay in Maldives in places nearer or accessible to Male.
  3. Accommodation – In Maldives you would not find skyscrapers. So, the hotels in Maldives contains as well as water villas and bungalows with luxurious deluxe suits which are varied with sea view, beach front, water front or garden view. For obvious reasons the villas are built on over water are most expensive.
  4. Foods and beverages – Another important factor to consider is the food packages offered by the hotels in Maldives. The all-inclusive meal package offers appetizers main course foods, desserts, soft drinks and the alcoholic hard drinks.

Maldives and Bali are now the most sensational tourist hub for the social media influencers. You can also go for hotel in Bali. Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, or YouTube Maldives is regarded as the top prioritised spot for the tourists. Especially the luxurious hotels in Maldives tied with the scenic beauty of the spot which made it to acquire a large portion of their GDP from the foreign money.