Some individuals are hesitant to begin using CPAP machines, yet this adjustment in your sleeping patterns may cascade and impact many other aspects of your life.

Before deciding you need a CPAP machine, it is advisable to consult with medical professionals and learn about the possible advantages.

You’re undoubtedly aware that you should change your CPAP mask, pillows, and tube on a regular basis. When do you need CPAP machines? How frequently should it be replaced? Look no further; we have you covered. Read on to find out.

When Do You Need a CPAP Machine?

The only way to determine whether a CPAP machine suits you is to speak with a skilled ENT. Our medical staff can perform the necessary diagnostic procedures to evaluate if respiratory issues are interfering with your sleep.

Here are some of the most prevalent indications that it’s time to see an ENT regarding sleep apnea:

Gasping or Choking

Other noises linked with sleep apnea, such as gasping or choking for breath, may be heard by your partner or spouse. When the breathing rhythm is temporarily disrupted, the body reacts in several ways to reestablish breathing.

Most of the time, the individual suffering from sleep apnea does not recall these incidents in the morning. Instead, they promptly go back to sleep after waking up.

Dry Mouth or Sore Throat

When you wake up, how does your throat or mouth feel? It might be due to sleep apnea if you often wake up with a dry mouth and scratchy throat.

Apnea’s vacuum effect might suck up stomach fluids into your oesophagus and throat. Consequently, it produces throat irritation, resulting in discomfort or pain.


Snoring regularly may imply obstructive breathing difficulties. Sleep apnea snoring is often loudest while sleeping on your back and quiets down when you move over to your side.

Additionally, your spouse may notice periods of quiet during the night. Not only does the snoring cease, but your breathing also stops.

Ongoing Fatigue

Do you ever feel exhausted despite the number of hours of sleep you receive each night? Chronic weariness is typical among those who have sleep apnea. The frequent disruptions to their sleep have a detrimental influence on their overall sleep quality.

As a result, you may experience a lack of energy or excessive tiredness throughout the day. Be cautious of fatigue when driving. These symptoms of fatigue are often alleviated by addressing the underlying cause: sleep apnea.


Poor sleep habits have an unmistakable impact on your mental and emotional health. No wonder you’re angry with other individuals when you’re always fatigued.

Other sleep apnea symptoms include the inability to concentrate to the point that it affects your job performance or quality.

How Often Should CPAP Machines Be Replaced?

After around five years of usage, your CPAP machine needs to be replaced. The good news is that most other insurance companies usually fund a new CPAP machine simultaneously. Even if you believe your machine is still in excellent operating order, it is a good choice to replace it when you are eligible to guarantee your machine’s reliability.

Getting a New CPAP Machine

Purchasing a new CPAP machine provides the benefits of new comfort features and technologies that may not have been available when you had your previous machine. Recent developments include:

Lower Pressures

The first CPAP machine was mainly developed to address the female-specific aspects of OSA and provide lower pressures throughout the night for women with mild to severe obstructive sleep apnea. This revolutionary technology detects when you are still up and maintains low pressure to assist you in falling asleep more easily. When you fall asleep, the pressure gradually rises to the desired level.

Accessible Sleep Data

The best equipment allows you to immediately check how well you slept the night before from your smartphone or computer. The machine will even email you sleep-improvement advice. Wireless communication is included on all CPAP machines. Your sleep data may be sent straight to your medical team.

Masks and Quieter Motors

ResMed’s innovative full-face masks employ tiny, multidirectional apertures dispersed over a large surface to break up exhaled air and spread it around. Some devices feature a quiet, easy-breathe motor to provide a tranquil sleeping atmosphere.

Better Humidification

Some humidifiers have an integrated humidifier, which is easy to fill and clean and occupies less space. It is also possible to use heated tubing to control the air’s temperature as it flows from the humidifier via the tube.


The greatest thing you can do is speak with a skilled ENT about your specific medical circumstances. Then, your provider team may do a full assessment and diagnostic to determine if a CPAP is appropriate for you.

If old CPAP machines are younger than six, you may donate them to your local sleep apnea association’s CPAP Assistance Program or other comparable charities. Otherwise, you may recycle it like any other electrical device, such as a television or computer. Contact your healthcare professional provider or a community recycling centre for further information.