Sometimes it can be hard to determine the right size for your doormat. It can be difficult to decide how big your new mat should be. We have all the answers. Let’s find out.

A doormat should measure at least 80% of the width of your door. Your doormat should measure at least 29 inches in diameter, considering that an average front door measures around 3 feet in width. While you don’t need to do extensive math, try to pick a doormat that fits your door.

What’s The Average Doormat Size?

A typical doormat measures 18 x inches. These dimensions will work well for a single-door standard, but a mat measuring 21×33/34 inches, 24×36/38, or 21×31/38 inches, will work better for larger entrances.

As you can see, the minimum width of your doormat should cover at least 80 percent.

How Can You Pick The Right Size Doormat?

You will want a doormat that is suitable for your entrance and door. A large enough mat is crucial, especially for those who have double doors or have grander entrances.

You can create a cohesive appearance for smaller front doors by choosing a mat that is at least as wide as the door. You don’t have to worry if your mat’s width exceeds 80% of the width of your door.

How Many Doormats Does A House Need?

A home should have two doormats: one at the exterior entrance and one in the interior. Two doormats are better than one. They will keep debris and dirt out of your house.

Also, you can place doormats at your other entrances, such as the porch or back doors, or on your balcony. The more mats you place, the fewer outdoor elements will enter your home. This in turn will make it cleaner.

What Type Of Doormat Is Best For Outside?

Durability is a key factor when it comes to outdoor doormats. These are the essential features of an outdoor mat.

  • Design that is weather and water-resistant
  • Non-fading/UV resistant material
  • Mold/mildew-resistant material
  • Synthetic fibers (natural carpets) should be left inside.

It’s also a smart idea to choose a doormat that doesn’t slip and move when you walk on. This goes for both exterior and interior mats, like waterhog mats.

How Many Times Should You Replace Your Doormat?

It is usually a good idea for your doormat to be replaced every two years. Doormats can deteriorate quickly, even though this depends on where they are located.

If the weather is extreme, outdoor doormats won’t last for more than six months or a year. The material can make a big difference.

To Wrap It Up

You don’t need to have many doormats. A doormat should be at least 80 percent wider than the door.

Important is to choose a doormat that won’t break after a few weeks. Therefore, we recommend something synthetic and UV resistant.

A second mat can be placed inside your front door. This will help to catch any dirt or debris that the outdoor mat failed to capture. To add some flair to your entrance, you could also layer a rug under it.

No matter what size you choose, make sure it is large enough for your front entrance.