Instagram was officially released on iOS platform on October 6, 2010. Initially people could only share photos as the post and their viewers could like those posts. In April 2012, it was acquired by Facebook. Currently Instagram is available in more than thirty languages. Instagram allows content to be framed in a square aspect ratio up to 1080 pixels. It also has a messaging feature and a ‘stories’ feature. Stories was introduced in response to Instagram’s main opposition Snapchat. This feature is used by 500 million users daily. Stories feature also provide filters which users can apply on their face or other things using their phone’s camera. Users can also add comments in response to the posts. Instagram is 4th most downloaded app of 2010s.If one is still looking for something to download from Instagram like photographs and videos in high quality, spreading awareness in all the social media platforms. One can try Instagram downloader to download content from Instagram in an effortless manner.

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Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is most followed person on the Instagram with more than 300 million followers. A picture of an egg posted by an account @world_record_egg is most liked post on Instagram with over 55 million likes followed by a wedding photo of Ariana Grande.

How likes work

Instagram users can like any post on Instagram by double tapping the post or tapping the heart shaped icon once. If the heart shaped icon turned red, it means that the post has been liked and users can dislike the liked post by tapping on the red heart. The number likes on a post is shown below the post. Users can hide the like count if they want.

Likes, Brands and Money

Likes is used to determine the success of a post. People with significant numbers of Instagram followers get to advertise and promote many brands and they earn a nice sum of money from it. Brands go to the people or accounts who are constantly getting significant number of likes.

Likes and mental health

People post on Instagram to get validation and clout. But sometime they feel they are not getting enough number of likes and attention and these issues lead to mental health issues in people especially teens. According to a recent study, teens brains reacted the same to receiving a large number of likes on their Instagram posts as winning money or eating chocolate. Instagram hid likes count of posts unannounced which lead to backlash and they had to make the like counts visible.

Gaining information from what is written above and concluding in the end.But later they gave an option to user if they want to hide the likes count on a post they can. No one will see the counts except the user themselves.