MicroBit is a BBC-designed improved education board that has been utilised in classrooms throughout the globe since its inception in 2016. It comes with its block application framework and dozens of exciting add-ons and applications to attempt. Moreover, a wide range of accessories has been available for this gadget, allowing you to expand your capability in areas you never thought.

In this post, we’ll learn about the best microBit accessories to use when working with them. But first, let’s define what a microBit is.

MicroBit: What Are They?

The BBC microBit, which looks like a small pocket-sized processor, enables youngsters to acquire fundamental coding and technical skills to plan them for technology in today’s society. It’s a follow-up to the BBC Micro, which tried to expose the country to programming in the 1980s, but back then, computer systems didn’t look anything like the snazzy ones we have now. 

Furthermore, the microBit accessories may be configured to function as a smartwatch, activity tracker, or gaming console, among other things. The gadget has 25 LED bulbs and two digital buttons that you would use to play games or skip tunes in a playlist. It also has an onboard barometer that tracks the user’s location. A USB, connector, and cell clip are also included with each microBit. To code a microBit, children attach it to their computers and enter a few system lines to make the gadget they desire.

With all of those computer engineering abilities, the goal is to encourage a young generation of enthusiastic game makers, fantastic programming language, and bizarre web designers. It might all start with your BBC microBit.

What Are the Top Accessories For Your MicroBit?

The BBC microBit microprocessor is an excellent learning tool for software and computers. You may do countless tasks with this gadget because of its tiny size and adaptable design. Here are some of the best microBit accessories for your microBit projects:

Electrical Kit

An electrical kit is a beautiful alternative if your BBC microBit has been collecting dust owing to a lack of suitable (or readily attached) parts. The kit includes speakers, switch, sensor board, engine with fan, lighting fixture, ten crocodile clip leads, microarray power, and a 30-page operating manual.

The book offers several projects that use the Blocks editor and MicroPython. A motion alert, a “shout-o-meter,” many methods to handle the fan, and a Theramin-like magical device are among the concepts. This is a terrific way to keep using the BBC microBit after you’ve finished our suggested BBC microBit complete beginner applications.

Extension Panel for Ringbit

Are you looking for a method to connect your microBit to servo motors and have a built-in battery cover? Anything suitable for, say, constructing a microBit-powered vehicle? The Ringbit extension panel, which includes a functional choose button, a power supply, and two pairs of pins, is the solution. The panel has room for 3 AA batteries and can power up to 3 servo motors.

Moreover, the five-pole connectors on this panel are used to install a microBit. MicroPython (a small version of Python, among the most straightforward computer languages) and Microsoft Blocks and Microsoft Visual Basic are two prominent microBit computer programs.

Board MIPower

You’ve undoubtedly had trouble keeping your BBC microBit charged if you’re into wearables. Maybe you’ve tried carrying a hardware device phone adapter in your bag or pocket. The MIPower Board is a light and short answer to your issue; however not particularly practical.

The MIPower Board is meant to sit snuggly against the microBit, with an integrated alarm and 3V trickle charger holder. GND and 3V connections are used for electricity, while P0 is used for the alarm; these ports also fasten the MIPower Board to the BBC microBit. There’s even a handy on/off switch.


If you don’t have enough to do with the Edge Connector device, the OctopusBit will. Insert the microBit into the connector to obtain access to a set of GPIO pins that allow for various connections.

Replete with linked microBits, two devices may be coupled through a serial port via the phone’s 12C, UART, and SPI ports. That’s as good as it’s going for the microBit in breakout choices.

Innovators Kit

It is the only option after you’ve completed the basic package. The microBit is a small computer. The Edge Connector Panel from Kitronic is intended to be used with wiring, one of which is shown in the Innovator’s Kit.

A selection of LDRs, capacitors, LEDs, fans, motors, switches, cables, and an instructional book are also included. There is no welding involved, but by the end of the volume, you should be able to turn down an LED with a resistor and run a motor with a semiconductor. 


You may have obtained a BBC microBit, but the tiny embedded computer may already be collecting dust. It’s time to wash it up and put it back into service, as well as revamp it with accessories!

A wide range of accessories for this gadget has been created, allowing you to expand capability in areas you never thought. With all these accessories, you may make any MicroBit projects you want, including a digital watch, retro cell phone games. You can also try attaching the MicroBit accessories to the phone, use it in managing your audio, and any other digital advances that fit your vision.