If you’re planning a big night out with the guys, you’ve probably thought about hitting some clubs, maybe hit on some girls even hit a few strip clubs. If you’ve been to some strip clubs in Melbourne before you might want to upgrade and be entertained by some high calibre women.

First of all, gentlemen’s clubs Melbourne are known for hiring only the hottest and most talented girls in the industry. They are not just hotter than your typical strip club girls but they are more stylish. They are leagues apart from your typical truck stop prostitute, they are a cross between Playboy model and Burlesque performs. The women in gentlemen’s are sexy, elegant and full of charm. You will want to come back for more.

Compared to most strip clubs gentlemens clubs distinguish themselves by being cleaner and classier. If you’ve been to a lot of strip clubs, you know you have to check your chair before you take a seat. Some places have tables that are so sticky you wonder how many litters of alcohol had to be spilled before the bartender could even think of wiping the tables down. In a gentlemen’s club, cleanliness is important. The bartenders and servers know the importance of keeping everything spotless. There is a sense of opulence in the décor from sumptuous leather couches and plush carpets to gleaming crystal chandeliers and gold embossed ornaments. Whilst gentlemen’s clubs Melbourne are classy, have better service and experienced performers they aren’t cheap. They serve the best liquor. When you order champagne you will get the best champagne in the world. They will make you feel like you are in some sort of palace where you are the guest of honor whereas strip clubs might leave you feeling like you are in someone’s dank basement.

Do you want to see how drunk idiots behave when they are in the presence of beautiful women? – go to a strip club. These establishments are less discerning about the kind of patrons they will allow inside. Gentlemen’s clubs on the other hand demand a certain level of decorum. You are less likely to find drunk idiots behaving badly in a gentlemen’s club. If there are idiots who gain entrance they are at least well-dressed and rich idiots drunk on expensive booze.

To weed out the riff-raff, gentlemen’s clubs have a dress code. They also charge higher prices so you know that not every yokel that passes can afford to stumble into a gentlemen’s club. Some of these clubs offer valet parking, this is one thing a strip club never offers. They make you feel important, like a celebrity stepping out onto the red carpet and through the doors. The VIP treatment extends from outside the club and right past the entrance.

Security is tight at a gentlemen’s club with burly bouncers stationed at the door and more security inside
the establishment itself. These are trained guards who can break up a scuffle or eject a troublesome customer before situations escalate. They can do this with such finesse that you would swear there had been no fight unless you were in the middle of it or witnessing it.

Money is another distinguishing factor. The money you pay should reflect the state and standard of the club. The cover charge will cost you a lot of money and the drinks will also cost a lot more than your typical watered-down strip club booze. You should also expect your $1 tip to get you more than just a friendly smile and forget about $20 lap dances at a gentlemen’s club. If you want to enjoy the best adult entertainment in Melbourne, choose a gentlemen’s club. But be careful of common strip clubs advertising advertise themselves as “gentleman’s clubs”, when they really aren’t. Ask around to make sure that you don’t end up in a place that delivers less than what it promises and you end up losing not just your money but your precious time.