With custom-made printed boxes, you can design a professional design with your logo and get the boxes delivered to you quickly, easily, and cheaply. These products are ideal for trade shows, fundraisers, direct mail campaigns and other marketing needs. When ordering promotional items like these, it’s important to work with a company that offers high-quality, durable items and affordable pricing. Look for a company with a good reputation, plenty of experience, a good return policy, and competitive prices. You’ll find these types of boxes available at promotional product suppliers, box store locations, and almost any other place that sells items for marketing purposes. Here are five tips to helping you find the right printed boxes for your next campaign or trade show.

Before you order anything, figure out your needs. Do you need custom printed cardboard boxes to be sent to a single customer, or do you want to send them to many different locations? Are you going to use these printed boxes on the product packaging itself, on the mailing or shipping labels, or as inserts? How many colors will your custom printing include? Will your supplier allow you to mix and match the thickness of cardboard, the style of box backing, and the thickness of the foam inserts?

Your supplier should be able to help you with all of these questions and more. For example, if you’re using custom printed boxes for mailings, you might consider printing a basic white box on a thick cardboard backing with an attractive, contrasting design. Flexographic printing offers a wide range of backgrounds to choose from, including many unusual options that are also more cost effective than using regular foam inserts. One option that’s particularly attractive for promotional purposes is to purchase cardboard inserts with a thin, plastic tab attached. This allows you to add an insert to a standard box without marring the exterior, and adds a particular sleek and modern appearance to your product.

Offset printing, also known as digital printing, is the most popular method for creating custom printed packaging for goods that will be delivered to your customers. Using a digital printer, offset printers can create top quality products with very little waste. These boxes can be designed to your specifications. There are even kits available to help you achieve the look you desire. The standard size of most boxes that you see in supermarkets and other stores are usually very manageable, so you don’t have to use any special techniques to create a professional look that is unique to your brand. If you’re looking to emphasize your brand with a look that’s striking and eye-catching, offset printing is a great way to accomplish this look.

If your business is looking for a cheaper, more efficient alternative to traditional foam inserts and custom printed boxes, flexographic printing might be a good option. Unlike offset printing, flexographic printing doesn’t require the same number of materials to create each piece. For example, when you order standard off-set foam inserts, you need dozens of sheets of thick foam to get the total package, which will cover the entire item. Flexographic printing, on the other hand, requires much less materials and can produce large quantities of printed packaging boxes quickly and easily. The cost of using flexographic printing for custom printed packaging boxes is significantly less than offset printing, which is commonly used for high volumes of similar items. While it still takes a great deal of labor to create a box using flexography, the cost is much more affordable than offset printing, which can take years to complete a project.

When you choose flexographic inks to print your custom printed boxes, you’ll get exceptional results that can stand up to any challenge that may face the product. Because the design of the boxes is completely customizable, you don’t have to worry about the colors bleeding or bending over time. This is especially important with off-set flexography, which offers a lifetime of durability. You can also expect your boxes to stay looking great for years to come thanks to high quality inks and printers.