You must take a good car of your car for it to last longer. Care for the car sufficiently to get efficient performance out of them. There are some strict performing basics you should stick to. When dealing with Mazda cx 5 Perth, you should maintain it regularly. Also, this will help in keeping Mazda in excellent shape and behavior. There are some tips to follow to maintain your cars properly. 

Things to keep in mind while dealing with Mazda Cars

  • Reading the owner’s manual

Firstly, start by reading the manual to know how to operate the Mazda cars. Further, it will contain all knowledge about maintaining the vehicles in good condition. Familiarize yourself with all the interval service functions and systems. The dealers will give you in-depth knowledge of the vehicles if you are going for Mazda cars. Know about the maintenance and how you can keep it in proper shape. 

  • Performing all the regular services

All the excellent performance starts at the Mazda dealership Perth. They have a maintenance schedule the dealers will be happy to provide you with. Further, taking the vehicle for servicing at regular intervals is essential. 

Also, a certified technician will inspect your cars. They will do all the necessary repairs to keep the car well. If there are any oil leaks, too, they will be taken care of. 

  • Monthly inspection of the tires

Check the car tires to maintain the correct pressure and reduce wear and tear. Also, it helps in increasing fuel efficiency as well. Also, in Mazda parts Perth, check the spare tire too. 

Check for any bubbles or cracks. If there are deep cracks on the tires, it needs to be replaced immediately. Damaged tires should be avoided at all costs. 

  • Check the lights and fluids properly.

Check for the lights too. Turn on all the blinkers and the lights to check that they are working correctly. Also, if there is any broken light, you must replace it. 

When people go for Mazda cx 5 for sale Perth, they check for the fluids. Check the coolant and the transmission fluid as much as possible. The moving parts should be lubricated to make the engine run well. Choose the best oil quality for your vehicles. 

  • Checking for any leaks

Also, check your car for any spots you might find on the ground. If there is any stain, match the color. A dark brown color is usually the oil, while reddish-brown is the transmission fluid. 

The brake fluid is yellow, while red is the power steering fluid. So when you ask a Mazda technician about the problem, they can tell where the leak is coming from. 


To maintain the car paint, you should clean your car regularly. Use a good wax to protect your vehicle and reduce scratches or rust. Then, take the cars for servicing when the due date is near. Only then can you get the best performance from your Mazda car.