As we all know, the UPSC syllabus is extensive. Many of you start preparing for the UPSC right after school. However, there is no harm in starting the UPSC preparation after your graduation. The earlier you start preparing for the UPSC, the more time you get to prepare yourself, and the time for revision is also much more than what others get. Many prefer joining the best coaching for UPSC in Delhi. But if you reside in a remote area, you can’t travel to a coaching center.

In that case, instead of looking for a UPSC coaching near me, you can use the internet to gather study materials. Also, various IAS coaching centers have come up with online IAS coaching and live video sessions to help students from remote areas with their UPSC preparation. Now, what bothers most aspirants is that they stand clueless in front of the study materials they have gathered online. They find themselves lost about which portions to study and which ones to discard. In this article, we will cover how the information can be skimmed from online resources. 

  • Video courses 

Nowadays, several UPSC coaching centers have started online video classes. You can enroll in any one of the reliable UPSC coaching centers to get adequate knowledge about the topics covered in UPSC. The mentors in these UPSC coaching centers teach systematically so that the syllabus is covered with the respective time and there is enough time for revision. In these coaching centers, the study materials are provided in PDF format. Therefore, you can easily download and print them. 

  • Mock test series 

Another best online resource that can help you prepare well and gather a lot of knowledge about your UPSC syllabus is by registering in any mock test series conducted by the various UPSC coaching centers. However, choosing the best coaching center is a challenging task as all are not efficient enough to take the tests as they should be. 

Regarding the mock tests, the question papers should be made in a manner that is a replica of the ones that appear in the UPSC exam. The submission of these mock test answer sheets should be made in PDF formats. The coaching centers will provide you with the correct answer sheet and the answers to all the questions for better evaluation. Along with other tests, don’t forget to join essay test series. It is of 250 marks and proper practice can help you score more than 60 percent marks. 

  • Android apps and software applications 

Over time, various android apps have come up for the benefit of the UPSC aspirants. You can download any one of them and start your daily dose of learning. Often, these apps have daily quizzes, weekly tests, and videos on various topics. All of these, if followed religiously, will test your knowledge and help you gather more information on particular issues. 

Other essential points to remember 

Besides knowing how to skim knowledge from online sources, it is also essential to follow some other rules as stated below: 

  • Read newspaper daily. A large portion of the UPSC syllabus consists of current affairs. Therefore, making newspaper reading a daily habit can ensure you know about the present happenings of everyday life. 
  • The more you practice, the more success do you enjoy. In the UPSC exam, there is a time limit set for each paper. So, practicing the questions within the prescribed time will help you answer them faster on a primary day. 


Therefore, gone are the days when you had no other choice but to take help from some UPSC coaching center. You can indeed manage your UPSC studies with the use of online resources.