The FAA instrument written exam is an integral part of getting your instrument rating. After taking your instrument training courses like the a320 CBT, your knowledge is put to the test in the exam. This FAA instrument written exam can be a breeze if you prepare appropriately. There are two methods of preparing for the FAA instrument written exam. You can choose to go the traditional way by registering on a physical ground school. Alternatively, you could study at home by registering at an online aviation school and taking courses like the a320 CBT to prepare for your instrument rating. We’ve collected some vital tips you can use to prepare for the FAA instrument written exam; let’s take a look.

Give Yourself a Timeline for Taking the Exam

You need ample preparation time before you can take the exam. Although you can always retake the exam, the cost is something you want to avoid. Therefore, create a timeline and decide when you would like to take the exam. During this period, try to prepare as well as you can. Pick your instrument and take courses tailored to them like the a320 CBT. With ample preparation, you can understand the concepts better and all the precautions. This way, when you finally take the exam, you’ll be ready for it.

Use Test Preps to Practice the Questions

Now that you have been preparing for the exam, you need the necessary materials to enhance the studying process. Although taking custom courses like the a320 CBT prepares you adequately, you also need to put in the extra effort. Many pilots who take the FAA instrument written exam use test preps like the Gleim test prep. They usually memorize the questions and answers. However, this is not advisable as the FAA are continually updating their questions. Doing this is to ensure that students don’t memorize questions and answers but read. We recommend getting multiple test preps to ensure you have adequate preparation. Most test preps are affordable, and the question collection is impressive. Some test prep comes in software that informs you why an answer is wrong and why an answer is correct.

Don’t Leave Questions Unanswered

This tip applies before and while writing the FAA instrument written exam. While reading up in preparation for the exam, don’t skip any questions. There’s no way to verify which question might pop up in the exam and which wouldn’t so ensure that you go through every question and find out the answer. Also, apply this tip during the exam. Don’t leave any question without an answer; make your best guess when you’re unsure. Without answering, it shows examiners you’re ready to fail the question.