Many of us often go through life and as a blanket way of thinking we never consider the possibility that an event such as a pandemic will ever impact us. Well, 2020 has truly taught us that we aren’t safe from the unexpected.

This is the reason why insurers will tell you how important insurance is. While most of us don’t listen, it is about time we do start to listen. It is also about time that we prepare ourselves and our families for the worst-case scenario. While no one wants to think about anything happening to them, it is important to be ready, just in case. After all, you would never want to leave your family in a poor financial situation.

Just in case you need more convincing, just look at what is happening to the family of Australian man, Georges Sara. Georges travelled to New York on July 15, 2020, for work, and by July 23 he was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital via ambulance. He had contracted COVID-19 while working.

However, it wasn’t until November when he died as a result of COVID-19, that his family began their battle.

The family are now fighting a battle withthe New South Wales (NSW) worker’s compensation scheme. Georges’ family want his medical expenses, and potentially a death payout because he was at work when he contracted the illness and died as a result. Since American health care is known for its exorbitantcosts, the family were left with millions in medical bills after Georges passing and needed to undertake a huge legal battlein order to simply stay afloat during an extremely difficult time.

Since they cannot in fact prove that he had contracted the illness at work, as he easily could have caught it while socialising, it is unlikely that workers compensation and workplace insurance will cover the families’ expenses. The problem here is because the family didn’t hold insurance policies outside of work-related policies, they are going to find themselves in financial trouble. This is why it is so important to hold personal insurance policies outside of any workers compensation or insurance you are automatically entitled to in most Australian workplaces.

Experts have commented on the complicated case, as Robert Guthrie, a workers’ compensation expert and an adjunct professor at Curtin University said, “the case was unusually complex because of Sara’s travel and employment structure.”

The complexity of the case makes it difficult to actually pinpoint the liability of the employer. So, this is where other personal insurance policies would have made a world of difference.

Just like many of us the Sara family never imagined that something like this would be happening, and now they have to deal with the loss of a loved one while fighting for their financial future.

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