Alcohol consumption results in various side effects for the consuming person. At some point, the body will not accept all the toxins and start to dilate the blood vessels in the face in response to the toxins of the drink. The purple face alcoholic is the most visible and severe changes that occurs in the addicted person. It results in the enlargement of the nose, and the colour also changes to purple, which results in disfigurement. 

Impact Of Alcohol On The Body

Alcohol remains the toxic substance to the skin, and it causes severe effects when it enters the cells and the blood vessels. The process will lead to differing appearances as the facial cells are attacked with the toxic substance.

The effect might be severe further when the person continues the habit for a long time. The purple face alcoholic results from the worsening of the skin and its cells due to prolonged drinking. The individual must take the initiative to come out of addiction for the betterment of life.

Ways To Come Out Of Habit

The individual who wishes to come out of addiction must follow the experts’ guidelines under their supervision. Initially, getting admitted to the rehab centres is advisable. Here, a detox procedure will be carried out with a specific diet and medications to remove the toxins from the body. Then the individual will be under observation for the recovery process. 

Once the treatment is completed, the individual must revisit the rehab centres for the follow-up process. Meanwhile, the individual will face withdrawal symptoms, which should be driven away with the help and the support of the family members. The cooperation of the individual in all the steps is essential for the recovery process. Getting treatment at the right time will save the life of the individual. The initiative will save the person from the most serious aspects that result in the spoiling of life.