Did you know putting on a proper men’s shirt and accessories that best match your outfit for a formal occasion can instantly boost your confidence by up to 20%? Typically, sharp attire doesn’t just make you look good; it makes you feel energized and gives you the power to walk into a conference room with your head high.

However, this can only be achieved if you are aware and can match the best men’s shirts and their proper accessories when attending your next board meeting. We at The Shirt Bar understand how difficult it can be to get the right men’s shirt and couple it with the accessories needed for your formal function.

Are you ready to explore some of the best men’s shirts and accessories to consider in your following job interview?

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Shirt Choices & Accessories for Formal Occasions: Everything You Need to Know

Regarding formal events, you’d want to dress to seal, not kill, right? Selecting the best men’s shirt is crucial to achieving success and having a fantastic look.

Here are the top five shirt choices curated to enhance your ensemble;

1. Crisp White Dress Shirt

White Dobby Easy Iron Slim Fit Shirt

Do you need the best shirt with zero fuss and easily adjustable for the occasion? Having a shirt that can blend and fit in almost all formal occasions is a must-have attire in a wardrobe.

The crisp white dress shirt is our number one pick for the best men’s shirt for formal occasions. Its versatility knows no bounds, smoothly transitioning from weddings to black-tie galas and high-powered meetings.

These dress shirts are usually made from premium cotton, which makes them appealing and durable at the same time. Similarly, it is clean, and amazing tailoring shows sophistication and accords one respect.

A crisp white dress shirt can be paired with a classic black suit and patterned tie for a smart corporate look. However, this dress shirt can do you good by matching it with a navy suit and pastel tie, especially if you’re looking forward to a big wedding day.

2. Light Blue Dress Shirt

Blue Dobby Spill Resist Long Sleeve Shirt

A light blue dress shirt for cocktail parties and office meetings will perfectly match the occasion. Generally, light blue shirts come with a sense of traditional formalwear, injecting a touch of personality into your combo.

Imagine meeting a man with a light blue dress shirt paired with a charcoal grey suit, hah! This might seem like an unpopular dress code, but it is amazing when blended well with other outfits. It is also ideal for daytime events where a cooler aesthetic is needed.

If you want to pair a light blue shirt with other outfits, think of a charcoal grey, tan, or navy suit. Conversely, pair it with a complementary colored tie and pocket square for a coordinated look.

3. Striped Dress Shirt

Blue And White Stripes Jetsetter Knitted Long Sleeve Shirt

Typically, a striped dress shirt comes number three on our list for offering a fancy and interesting formal outfit. These shirts make you feel confident and relaxed. What characterizes a striped dress shirt is its thicker stripes or thin lines.

In most cases, you don’t have to struggle with what to pair with a striped shirt. Plain suits provide a balanced taste with these shirts, making you feel cool and look sharp. They also go nicely with dark blue or grey suits so that you can wear them to different fancy events. You can also wear a fun tie to add style to your look.

4. Black Tuxedo Shirt

If you’re that kind of fellow to attend black-tie events or parties, we are here to tell you that the only and the best shirt to wear on such a special occasion is a black tuxedo.

These shirts are very important for such parties because they make you feel classy. They are designed with special materials and have finer details, including pleats and fancy cuffs. Similarly, they are ideal for wedding or galas events.

Other core features in a black tuxedo shirt include a fancy collar, hidden buttons, and shiny studs instead of regular buttons. Therefore, you can perfectly pair this shirt with a black bowtie to look fancy. Add some cufflinks and a pocket square to make it your style.

5. Patterned Dress Shirt

Navy Geometric Knitted Jetsetter Long Sleeve Shirt

If you desire to add some fun to your fancy outfit, a patterned dress shirt is what you’re looking for. Even with a pattern, it still looks formal. Patterns like paisley or tiny checks make your outfit more interesting. You can wear a patterned dress shirt with a plain suit in a color that goes well with the pattern. This makes your outfit look cooler and more special.

Why is a patterned dress shirt good? This shirt lets you show off your style while looking good for fancy events. It goes well with plain suits, letting the pattern stand out quietly. Choose a tie and pocket square that match the pattern but are pretty busy.

Final Thoughts

Were you looking for the best sustainable men’s shirt and their accessories for your next formal occasion? The Shirt Bar has plain pointed and makes everything simple for you. Your next conference meeting, party, or job interview will look sharp, provided you’re in your patterned dress shirt, black tuxedo, crisp white dress, or striped shirt.

These men’s shirts come with their proper accessories to kill the show. If you need assistance, contact us directly through The Shirt Bar website.