Riva Discount on Colorful & Cool Water Bottles for Boys and Girls

Kids love to play and forget to drink water even if they are thirsty. While running, body loses its water through digestion, sweating and breathing. It is necessary to compel kids to get energized and well hydrated. Giving stylish bottles attract kids to use and drink maximum water. For girls there are beautiful pink color bottles having Flowers, Pink Panther, Glitter Queen, Swam, Cool words having Glitter and Stars to make water bottles attractive. Avail Riva discount code just to buy affordable water bottles containing Baby Shark, Shelby Serpent, Ford Mustang, and Raptor, Batman and many other striking images and styles within your range.

Ways to Compel Kids for Drinking Water

There are many other ways to compel kids for drinking water. Instead of giving ice cubes, try to freeze fruits and offer them stylish straws to enjoy water. You can add some flavor in the water by adding limes, lemons, cucumbers and berries. Little bottles are the best to help them learn how to hold as well as drink water. You can show them how to refill the bottle by using water dispenser or faucet.

Apart from attractive sources of drink, you can set some reward in form of coins or stickers. You can applause, sing a song or play a game whenever the bottle gets empty. Always remember, kids learn not by your words but by your actions. If you want to develop a habit to drink water, become a role model for them so they adopt the healthy habits. Always keep a water bottle in your car and keep another bottle in the backpack while going to picnic party or long drive. If you do not have little water bottles for kids, use Riva discount code to buy colorful bottle on economical price.

Requirement of Water on Daily Basis

Instead of giving beverages containing sugar, use water as a substitute and reduce the intake of excessive calories that lead to obesity. Water requirement depends on different factors covering gender, weight and age. For a child or teen, it is suggested to provide them minimum six to eight water cups on daily basis. Recommend them to use fruit containing maximum water.

Reuse of Water Bottle

First of all, you have to wash the bottle properly before giving to your child for reuse. Many stylish bottles have thin necks that make clean-up tricky.Top of Form

 As a result, such narrow passages can become perfect for germs growth. Before reuse, it is quite sensible to wash it with warm and soapy water. Use a brush to clean inside area of bottle. It is quite safe to freeze water bottles in order to provide cold water to kids when they are going out.

While buying a water metal bottle, make it certain it is made up of stainless steel. It is not good to heat or freeze the stainless steel as it will effect on the shape. Get Riva discount code for selecting BPA-free stainless steel or plastic bottles. Advise your kids not to share their bottles with other kids since it is dangerous and spread germs from one kid to another.