Halkidiki is a paradise in Greece and one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly resorts. Pine-covered slopes, well-equipped beaches, and picturesque bays of the peninsula will allow every guest of the country to find a suitable place for themselves.

Benefits of visiting this place

According to the Greece travel blog, there are excellent beaches and a wonderful climate. The air is dry, so the heat is not felt. For those suffering from hypertension, there will be no problems. If you get tired of the sun, you can go on a trip to the north of the country. The peninsula is also ideal for relaxing with friends, family, children, and alone. You just have to choose the right part of the peninsula. 

The first part – Kassandra is famous for its party villages, where life is active day and night. Therefore, this place is preferable for young people. For a family holiday, Sithonia is the best. Here, nature is richer, and the rest is much calmer. If you are a beautiful young girl, you should not be afraid to visit Halkidiki. People here are cultured and friendly. 

Places to visit

There are many things to do in Halkidiki. For tourists who are not indifferent to the Orthodox faith, it will be a pleasure to visit Meteora, Athos, to purchase products with religious themes (icons). They are allowed to be exported abroad. The service in Halkidiki is excellent. Hotels of completely different categories. Most of them have a small territory. This is considered the norm in the country. Even in 5-star hotels, there may not be territory. As for the pools, they are also small.

As for purchases, in addition to a fur coat, here you can buy traditional Greek products – feta and olive oil. You won’t find better gifts for your loved ones.