Supply agencies and education recruitment agencies have turned into a necessary portion of most recruitment strategies for UK schools. Most offer teacher candidates for many types of contracts. Short-term and day-to-day supply that covers unplanned absences of teachers is a given. But these services also include filling long-term vacancies, including permanent positions, long-term illness, and maternity cover.

Similar to how there are many different reasons why businesses from many other sectors use recruitment agents to form a portion of their hiring strategies, schools do too. Below is a list of some of the common ones:

  1. Recruitment Difficulties Caused By Teacher Shortages

Teacher shortages in the UK are something that is well documented. With the growing numbers of students entering schools each year, and the even larger numbers of qualified teachers leaving this profession, the shortage of teachers is predicted to grow to more than 13,000 by 2021.

Fewer people entering training courses to become teachers has further compounded the shortage since there are now not enough graduates available to replace teachers going into retirement.

In What Ways Does This Influence The Way Schools Use Supply Agencies?

Schools that have conducted recruiting on their own, have said it has become increasingly harder to find the right candidates, even after they spent large sums of money on advertising these roles. It is much easier for a school to use an agency to recruit on their behalf, without the risk of advertising expenses which result in nothing. Schools are also offered a pre-vetted, large pool of candidates to choose from.

  1. Using Recruitment Agencies Helps Educational Facilities Save Resources, Time, And Making The Wrong Recruitment Decisions

Schools often lack the experience or time to screen candidates effectively, which separates the chaff from quality. Job applicants usually oversell their dedication, enthusiasm, and abilities in their CVs, while teachers that are highly talented may have poor CVs since they lack the experience to write them.

Experienced and professional recruiters have the skills and experience to identify the best recruits. This is what saves schools resources and time. It also reduces the risk of schools making the wrong recruitment decisions. The best agencies also assist with improving education standards in the way of making sure the most suitable candidates have been placed into various schools.

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  1. The Best Candidates Usually Prefer Being Recruited Through Agencies

Many educators prefer to look for employment opportunities through professional recruitment agencies, as opposed to directly applying to hiring schools. Jobseekers use these agencies since it is typically a much faster alternative to finding positions. Large agencies also usually have a range of roles for candidates to choose from.

Professional education recruiters usually have a lot of knowledge when it comes to schools in a particular area. The top agencies will meaningfully consult with jobseekers which ensures the best match possible between the jobseeker and the school. Again, this lowers the risks involved in making poor recruitment decisions. It also helps to promote a better education standard for students.

  1. Temporary To Permanent Options

Many job seekers and schools prefer working on a temp-to-perm basis. In these situations, teachers are appointed on temporary contracts with the aim to become permanent staff members. This lowers the risk for both teachers and schools of making incorrect recruitment choices. It allows both parties to work together on a trial before the school or teacher makes a permanent commitment.

  1. Supply Agencies Form An Essential Part Of Most School Hiring Programmes In The UK

Many schools in the UK utilise supply agencies to form a portion of their recruitment mix. This occurs for many reasons as mentioned above. SENCO, headteachers, and other leadership roles enjoy the reduction in time wasted and administration when hiring through an agency. They also enjoy the advantages of hiring top-quality, pre-vetted agency staff.

If you have a school based in the UK that would like to start using agencies to reach a positive solution when recruiting staff, make sure you select an agency that is regarded highly, and the ones that have extensive knowledge of your local area.