Who knew that something as small as a toy voice recorder could bring so much joy to the special people in our lives? Well, as small as it is, it certainly delivers a huge impact! Toy voice recorders are the perfect addition to plush toys, teddies, and baby dolls, to bring a sense of magic to an everyday kind of toy. The twenty-second recording time gives you plenty of time to record a special message, song, or something funny that will keep a smile firmly fixed on the recipient’s face. 

From children to adults and the elderly, there are endless reasons to gift this special and personalized toy voice recorder. So, whether your baby needs white noise to fall asleep or calms when they hear your voice, or your grandmother is ill in hospital, you can easily make life more meaningful, memorable, and sentimental with the simple addition of a toy voice recorder. All you need to do is visit Voice Express and order your voice recorder, find a teddy, doll, or cozy quilt, record your message or song, and place it inside the toy. Then, add it to a special gift, and it will certainly be something to remember! 

How would you feel if someone special gifted you a personalized, messaged plush toy that is a constant reminder of how much they love and care for you? Certainly extremely happy, and that’s precisely the joy you can spread with a small toy voice recorder, delivering a heartfelt message to everyone you love. 

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Support Early Childhood Development. 

Teddies, toys, and dolls are abundant in a kid’s bedroom, found in every corner, cupboard, and under every bed. They are played with, taken along for every new experience, and used to wipe tears and runny noses and provide comfort to little hearts. Typically, babies find a toy they choose over every other, and that toy becomes their sense of security. This is an important milestone for infants, showcasing their ability to find comfort outside of their parent’s arms. However, many parents miss this opportunity to support their child’s early development. 

Since the child has chosen a toy they simply cannot go without, you can still find a way to help them learn things they would have otherwise learned from other toys. For example, their ABCs or 123’s, or simple phrases such as ‘’good morning’’ or ‘‘I love you”. Thankfully, they can grasp these early concepts by pressing their toys when you use the multi-purpose toy voice recorder. 

By placing a recorder in your child’s favorite toy, you can expose them to early childhood development opportunities that they quickly learn to relay. For infants, it could encourage speech development and cognitive reactions, which are extremely important milestones to reach within the first year of life. In addition, the toy voice recorder can be erased and rerecorded as many times as you want, so you can change what you would like your child to hear as they progress through the various stages of development. 

Whether you want to encourage their first words or want a head start in teaching them a new language, the toy voice recorder will certainly make it easier and more enjoyable for both you and your child! 

Customize Your Child’s Toy. 

It’s not only the conventional teddy bear that is suited for the toy voice recorder but for any stuffed toy you can find. For example, if your son likes lions, then why not record a lion’s roar followed by affirmations of being brave and courageous that can be neatly tucked away inside their lion plush? This applies to any stuffed animal and doll your children love, so you can enjoy customizing the recordings to bring their toy to life! 

Create something special and exciting for your children, and visit our website today to order your toy voice recorders!