Landlords are house owners and as the name implies, they are lords over their properties, which means that they are at liberty to decide who stays or doesn’t stay in their homes, they decide what purpose their houses would serve and the prices at which they would be giving out for rents if they are for commercial purpose. Unlike credit union loans, most landlords are not so concerned about the convenience of their tenants but focus mostly on the profits they can get.

In situations where tenants owe landlords a few weeks or months of rent the first thing that comes to most landlords minds is the eviction of tenants, they usually wouldn’t consider the fact that their tenants are going through financial constraints which have made it difficult to pay up rents. one might not be able to blame most of these landlords for their actions as some of them don’t have another source of livelihood and might be in too much haste to evict their tenants and get new ones who are able to afford the rents not minding even if the old tenants end up on the streets.

In some cases, landlords might get tenants with surprise by suddenly increasing the house rent, sometimes, landlords might come out of the blues to add 20 – 30% increment on the rents of tenants without prior notice this might catch the tenants off guard and unsure of the next line of action to take, many might consider getting new places to rent, some might consider taking the matter to court, some might need to Scott with other families.

Getting a new place to rent, for some victims of Landlord surprise eviction, the best option is getting a new place, that might not be a bad choice but calculating the cost of registering with house agents and getting a new apartment, including the cost of relocating, it might be difficult to go through with the plan because, for someone who is unable to pay up rents at his/her present domain, it might be very hard to be able to finance moving into a new apartment considering all that is involved but this plan could be materialized with from credit union loans

Taking the matter to court, the court is a place people run to most times when they feel their rights have been trampled on and it is a sure place to get justice but it is important to know that, to run a legal case you need enough money to pay your qualified lawyers to defend your cause judiciously and this is where from credit union loans comes in.