How does a dispensary owner make consumers keep patronizing his product is the best question to ask as a potential dispensary owner who might deal with cannabis and its products later. Many times before now, people from various places have been entangled in a serious argument on if smoking is good or not, some people believe that smoking is a very bad habit that should be discontinued for some reasons this reasons such as medical reasons, many people believe that smoking can cause a lot of health issues in the human body, they argued that smoking involves taking in and out smoke from substances and most of this smokes enters into the lungs and damages it beyond control and thereby begins to cause many other life challenging health issues, another belief is that smoking is capable of killing some cells in the body and makes it easier for sicknesses and infections to be able to bring down an individual and make him or her very sick.

On the other hand, many people believe that smoking is good and should be continued because it is fun and recreational, it is an activity that keeps some people amused and excited, just seeing smoke come out of someone’s nose or ears could be so funny and amusing for some people and that gives them a feeling of pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. It is also believed that smoking is good and a very important activity that should be continued because it helps warm up the body in cold weather conditions, places, and areas, smoking to a large extent is said to send heat to the body when it is raining or winter period when everywhere is cold, it was even argued that smoking is safe and should not cause an arm if it is done the right way, smokers were advised to detoxify their systems from time to time and to also have some smoking tools that won’t let the smell and fire of the smoke affect their body. Also, some people who actually smoke and encourages smoking to advise people to smoke but know what they smoke as it matters lot, it was argued that smoking marijuana is more medicinal and has many medical benefits than tobacco that has no known medical benefit other than its ability to wreck one’s health.

Comparison between marijuana and tobacco

Tobacco is said to be cancerous which means that people who smoke tobacco face the risk of having cancer but as for marijuana it is said to have the potentials of fighting and reducing cancer, this is perhaps one of the reasons people patronize marijuana dispensaries more often this day this can be the answer for the question of How does a dispensary owner make money?

A cigarette is said to cause lungs and kidney problems and failure but marijuana has been proven to be capable of improving the functionality of the lungs and also its capacity which means that marijuana can be used as a drug to cure lungs problems caused by the consumption of cigarettes, this could also mean more pharmaceutical patronage for marijuana this might help increase How does a dispensary owner make money.