Because of the possible constraints it places on your choices. Available space is frequently the first thing to be considered when planning the installation of sliding fire doors. While sliding fire doors help your passive fire protection requirements greatly, you must locate a suitable spot to install one before you can do so. You’ll only be able to put one in if you can find the right place.

When Should Sliding Fire Doors Be Used?

Sliding fire doors are a potential alternative to regular swinging doors when there is a need for more space or other considerations that prevent the use of swinging doors. Because they do not turn in any direction, fire doors that are compatible with the requirements of the building may be installed in hospitals in a quick and easy manner. With the installation of a sliding fire door, it may be possible to avoid using conventional doors, making it more challenging to shift hospital beds rapidly and effectively.

In these conditions, Australia’s safety standards and the country’s building code may need you to install a sliding fire door to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the legislation. While motion detectors are by far the most frequent mechanism used in building these doors, other means, such as pulleys and weights, are also feasible possibilities. A motion detector is the most common mechanism used in constructing these doors. Optical sensors are most often put to use in the process of automating the opening and shutting of doors in public buildings such as supermarkets and hospitals.

In addition to this, they are adaptable to your requirements and can quickly meet them. In addition to the doors themselves, the door frames may also be altered to more accurately correspond with the proportions of the area that is accessible. Sliding fire doors, which may be made to be resistant to fire if necessary, are becoming an increasingly well-liked choice for commercial establishments wanting to install fire doors. You have access to a broad range of materials, including, to mention, just a few of them, metal glass fibre, glass, steel, lumber, and aluminium. The use of lead cladding as a method of confining x-ray radiation is considered standard practice in most hospitals. The correct name for these entrances is “radiological shielding doors,” which is also how they are referred to.

Which Sliding Fire Door Is Best For Me?

Sliding fire doors are trendy because of their adaptability, making them an enticing option for various uses. You should be able to pick a floor plan from the possibilities we look at if you have an estimate of the overall square footage available, and that knowledge will allow you to do so. Your choices will also be constrained by the restrictions put in place to prevent fires and guarantee that everyone inside remains safe. These limits have been put in place to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Single Leaf

It will be the ideal alternative since it is easy and efficient, and you may only have a small room to enter the building or narrow hallways.


Installing a double fire door is a fantastic choice you should consider taking advantage of if you have the room available to do so. If you do not want to use a door with hinges but have more space open than necessary for the other two options, this should be your choice.

Parallel or Triple 

Since these doors may also serve as a temporary wall, they are an excellent choice for circumstances in which space is at a premium and making the most of every inch of the available area is necessary.


Although less popular than the other options, installing a horizontal door is possible if the desired door opening is more comprehensive than a tall one. As a result, you may choose between an automatic system and a manual one, both of which can be controlled from a distance using a portable gadget.

The specialists will likely combine several aspects of the design to provide you with the highest degree of safety feasible given the current state of the art. Electromagnetic devices in your door will firmly close it in an emergency. This hardware may be attached to any door, regardless of aesthetics. Australian building code recommends a safety system that helps prevent fires and smoke from spreading throughout a structure. The Australian BCA mandated this particular need.


With this newfound knowledge, you should be able to go ahead confidently in your selection about sliding fire doors. In today’s connected world, all it takes to get the counsel and guidance of a seasoned expert is a quick phone call or email to a professional with the requisite experience, education, and certifications in the field.