There’s no better time to upgrade your pool landscaping than in the cooler winter months. This gives you the chance to get your best ideas sorted and underway before the thermostat hits 30 degrees again. 

So it’s time to put your thinking cap on. Consult the spouse, prepare the children, contact a local Perth landscaper

Here are six ways to bring your pool landscaping ideas to fruition. 

 1. Clean your pool area 

Inevitably, all good renovations start with a thorough clean. 

Whether you’re getting your hands dirty, recruiting family members, or getting some professionals in, this is an important step that sets your pool landscape up for success. All too often, it comes to laying stone and planting trees and you’re dealing with more of a rubbish tip than a real garden. 

Get to work early and clear away dead leaves, old disheveled plants that didn’t make it through the summer, and any other junk that’s not part of your vision.

2. Add a fireplace or focal point 

Sure, the pool is the centre-point of boisterous fun and pleasure. But what about when it comes time for dinner or drinks? There’s something fun and even romantic about staying outside next to the pool and relaxing as the sunsets. 

Adding a focal seating point with a fireplace, outdoor table, and gathering point will level up your poolside fun without question. When planning it out, make sure to:

  • Keep it simple
  • Avoid blocking off access to the pool
  • Keep your design (colours, textures, shapes) harmonious with the rest of your pool design

3. Get the lighting right

The key to a stunning pool landscape all hangs with the types of lighting you use in and around your pool. Underwater LED lights will play an important role in lighting your pool and your garden. Keep this in mind:

  • Choose colours wisely – your colour combination is an important thing to consider. Either keep it simple with white lights or combine a couple of favourites. If you’re feeling fancy, splash out on lights that change colour. 
  • Placement is everything – lights set deeper in the pool will emit a more dull glow, whereas lights closer to the surface will shine brighter and even reflect off surfaces above the water. 

Installing string lighting outside of the pool is a fantastic way to illuminate your garden and surroundings. Remember to keep string, Christmas, and festoon lighting over the pool firmly secured to avoid electricity coming in contact with the water. 

4. Install a rock garden 

Rock gardens have the ability to elevate your pool surroundings with volumes of style. Ask any professional landscaper about rock gardens, and they’ll tell you how important they are as a styling element. They also eliminate the need to try your luck planting a bunch of things that might not survive the brutal Perth Summer heat. 

When planning out your rock garden, keep it all together with clear borders to minimise the chances of them getting spread out over your lawn or seating area. Choose a large rock as an accent piece, and surround it with smaller similarly sized pebbles or stones. Combine with tall grasses, cacti, or ferns for a minimalistic look. 

5. Create privacy 

Your backyard pool is a place for relaxation and fun. That means feeling comfortable when you’re going for those late night nudie swims. Creating a private, sheltered space around your pool is easy with the right native plants:

  • Rottnest island pines Line one side of your pool with these beauties. They grow taller every year and add a unique Mediterranean feel to your backyard.
  • Hinterland Gold (Syzygium australe). This fast-growing shrub is a great way of eye-proofing your pool. The dense foliage is both glossy and fresh. Grow along your fence line to keep your pool sheltered and private. 
  •  Syzygium australe ‘AATS’. A narrow-growing and native shrub that is ideal for poolside growth and protection. This specimen is fantastic if you want to clip it to suit the shape of your space. 
  • Bamboo is also a fantastic and extremely fast growing privacy screen for your backyard pool. Just make sure you’ve got the right soil quality and watering schedule to keep those babies alive and growing particularly young. 

6. Hire the right professionals 

Getting assistance from the experts with your poolside dreams is a great way of making sure you get the job done right. Starting early will ensure your project is finished in time for the warmer months. Ultimately, you’re going to want to invite a bunch of people around to appreciate the new space. Getting the right professionals involved will ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget (we all know how DIY jobs can spin out of control). 

Make your pool landscaping ideas come to life with landscape architects Perth you can trust. Reach out for a quote and get started on your new poolside oasis today!