Rolling bearings are comparable to ball bearings because they support weight while reducing friction. However, the KR Roller Bearing Set (ชุดตลับลูกปืนลูกกลิ้ง KR, which is the term in Thai) maintains the spacing between moving parts by utilizing cylindrical rolling elements instead of balls to transmit stresses.

These flexible bearings can have one or several rows of rolling elements, with the latter option significantly increasing the bearings’ ability to withstand radial loads. Different types of rollers are available to transport radial and axial loads efficiently.

Vital Types Of Bearing Set

Roller Bearings: Roller bearings maintain the spacing between moving parts by utilizing cylindrical rolling elements instead of balls to transmit stresses. You can increase the radial load capacity of these flexible bearings by increasing the number of rows of rolling elements.

Needle Roller Bearings: This arrangement’s inner ring is optional, and the bearing is thinner than standard roller bearings. High-speed, heavy-load applications benefit significantly from the compact design of needle roller bearings.

Taper Roller Bearings: Both radial and thrust loads are acceptable for these bearings. Since they can only support axial loads in one direction, a second bearing mounted laterally in reverse is needed for the counterstay.

Why You Should Roller Bearing Set Rather Others

  • Roller bearings improve over earlier bearing designs that frequently failed due to friction and heat. The bearings’ sharp design allows for uniform load transfer.
  • The building can withstand axial and radial loads simultaneously.
  • The bearing axis enhances rolling and decreases friction when the projected lines of the raceway converge on a common point.
  • The load capacity can rise or decrease depending on the contact angle. When the incline is more significant, the contact angle also grows.
  • Light-duty applications are often employed singly, but in heavy-duty situations, two or four rows are merged into a single unit to handle radial loads better. source
  • The combined tapered roller bearings carry the radial and axial loads simultaneously, keeping the gears engaged to transfer a lot of power to the wheels.

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KR Roller Bearing Set has low friction to prevent failure due to excessive heat. Many industrial uses benefit from this bearing’s superior performance under high loads.

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