Market intelligence sounds like something that a huge number of organizations would like to have, but they do not have some detailed data of what it entails. However, those who have been in the market for many years already know that this is an essential tool and strategy that a number of companies have been using to understand more about the market, especially where consumers and other organizations in the same market are concerned. However, before conducting market intelligence, it is necessary to have some intelligence tools at hand.


DiscoverOrg is one of the reliable intelligence tools that a huge number of business organizations have been using in their industrial operations. It is something that each company should have so that it can easily have a detailed understanding of what is happening in the technology sector. It gives companies a detailed analysis of what is happening in the tech sector, especially in issues concerning tech product development and IT incorporation in competing organizations.


Today, search engine optimization is something that each company must have so that it can rank higher on the search engine. Without having the necessary optimization strategies, it is obvious that an organization will be struggling to rank higher on the search engine. SemRush is one of the best intelligence tools that is specifically used to handle issues to do with search engine optimization. It helps companies to understand the keywords and backlinks that their competitors are using to rank on the search engine.


InsideView is a new technology that is helping companies in the market today to have a detailed understanding of their customers in the market. Each company must have sufficient data about the customers so that it can make the necessary adjustments to meet their needs. This is something that needs to be handled by every other business expert and business owner who intends to have real-time data about the needs of the customers and how much needs can be professionally handled.


Dealing with business-to-business customers is practically different from dealing with direct consumers in the market. It is a challenge that a considerable number of organizations have been struggling to handle because they have not had the best data or details that can guide them to operate in such unique markets. However, with EverString, it is now easier for companies to understand their B2B customers, especially when it comes to venturing into new markets and offering their products or services.

Meltwater Media Intelligence

The issue of public relations in the market is something unique that each organization should make sure it understands in detail so that it can easily deal with some of the major problems it is facing. There is no organization that wants to have a bad reputation in the market, which is the reason why public relations have become a necessity. Meltwater Media Intelligence gathers information on the reputation of the organization and offers actionable insight on such issues.

D&B Hoovers

Obviously, the ultimate goal of any other organization in the business environment is to have enough sales. That is why companies have to collect data on how to increase their sales in the market. In this case, D&B Hoovers has been very innovative in its approaches, and it has already enabled a huge number of organizations in the market to have sufficient data that they can use for sales purposes. It is worth indicating that the company has already achieved consistent success in this area.

Handling Market Intelligence with a Reliable Organization

Every business struggles to handle market intelligence. Therefore, finding a reliable organization can be one of the most important techniques and strategies for ensuring that a company is succeeding in this area. This is the main reason why working with NetBase Quid is the ultimate way of succeeding in market intelligence.