Chakra healing and the balancing of chakras are some of the issues which are often overlooked by individuals. Most of the population’s knowledge is negligible when it comes to chakras, balancing them and the benefits of healing the chakras. The chakras are the discs of energy that start from the spine and moves upwards to the brain. Cleansing and healing the chakra is a term that you have often come across in yoga classes, and you may often wonder how you can use chakra healing for a happy life. The chakras symbolize the positive energy that lives and moves within an individual. As per several studies, which have been conducted on the function of the chakras in the human body, it has been found that the body releases electromagnetic energy continuously. If this energy can be cleansed then it can be used for many positive purposes.

Signs that suggest that your chakras are out of order

If you are shattered after an argument? Are you not performing well at job interviews? Then it’s not your preparation or mentality, but the negative energy of your chakras affecting your daily life and your work. Chakra issues can lead to hormonal problems or any other physical pain like pain in the neck. Besides, you can also go through mental phases like feeling submissive or not being able to connect with the environment around you. If you go through these emotions for many days together, then you would feel torn at the sense of internal conflict that arises within yourself. You feel paralyzed and do not know what decisions to take which is good for you. Messed-up chakras can also result in a sudden decline in health. Everything in life seems to go for a toss if you do not take time out to heal your chakras. In this article, we will know about the best chakra healing method.

Healing the chakra with meditation

To start the process of chakra healing you need to know what is disbalancing or obstructing the chakra, and then you can start the process of healing the chakra by addressing the obstruction directly. Meditation is considered the best way to address your chakra obstruction. Even in brain scans, it has been found that chakras are capable enough to heal your body from the inside out. 

The first step of healing your chakra with meditation is to get to a place that is both private and safe. Then you have to look internally to check for signs of tension and discomfort. To understand the discomfort or tension, all you need to do is to touch the different areas of the body, especially those areas which are related to the chakras to identify the points of the body that need alignments. After you have identified the disturbing chakras, you can start the process of healing them with the help of yoga. Yoga helps to open up the chakras moving from the root chakra to the crown chakra and release the obstruction and finally balance it with the help of the positive energy you get from the yoga asanas. Visuals and music are also considered to be an important part of the chakra healing meditation processes nowadays. These videos or music help you to focus. 

And if you have focused correctly on the chakra that is misaligned with the help of the visuals or the music, you will find yourself to be enveloped with warmth and positivity. You will feel the discomfort or the tension releasing from the chakra and positivity filling it. The positivity that you get during meditation can also be heightened with the help of essential oils. Apply the essential oil of the fragrance that you find relaxing before you start meditation. Try using lavender, it is the fragrance that is mostly recommended by yoga gurus for concentration.

Healing the chakra with the help of diet

Eating a balanced and nutritional diet can be a good effort to heal the chakras. Use the color of the food to guide you if you want to choose new food for your diet. For example, yoga gurus suggest that food that is of blue colors, like blueberries can be good for healing any discomfort in any throat chakra. Bell peppers and oranges are found to be helpful to heal the sacral chakra. Raspberries and strawberries are very useful in healing and strengthening the root chakra. Herbs like thyme and red grapes can soothe your crown chakra.

Working on healing the chakras is one of the best ways to heal both the body and mind. Chakra healing is the best way to get a better you.