You have had your teeth whitened by one of the best dental services in Norristown and are happy with the results. But are you nervous that the color and appearance of your teeth will fade? If so, you must be aware of a few instructions and measures that can help you keep your teeth as white as possible for an extended period. 

One of the most essential facts to understand about protecting your teeth whitening effect is when to schedule a touch-up. If you are looking for a good teeth whitening service, consider booking an appointment with a periodontist in Norristown, PA.

How often should you bleach your teeth?

Here are factors and reasons on how often you should whiten your teeth:

  • After regular dental checkups 

At your scheduled dental check-up, you might expect the dentist to rinse your teeth and remove any marks that have formed since your last appointment! Furthermore, now is the best time to receive a whitening touch-up for your teeth because your enamel will respond better to the bleaching agents after cleaning. 

  • When adjusting your dental work

A teeth whitening touch-up must be done before receiving a new filling or crown, as whitening solutions may not be effective on these materials. To prevent a mismatch between your teeth and the latest dental work, match the color of the material (filling or crown) to your earlier whitened teeth.

  • Frequently taking certain beverages.

If you drink tea, coffee, soda, or red wine often, you might need a teeth-whitening touch-up earlier than others. This is because certain beverages might stain your teeth, causing them to appear darker. Your enamel quickly accumulates spots from darker liquids, so if you consume these beverages often, you will need to touch them up every 3 to 4 months. 

The frequency of teeth whitening varies per individual, based on tooth color and nutrition. Once you have achieved the desired shade of whiteness, it is critical to maintain the effects. Some individuals may require touch-ups every six months, whereas others may need them more frequently. 

Here are some suggestions for extending your teeth whitening effects while minimizing the number of touch-ups required. 

  • Avoid eating food or drinks that stain teeth.

As previously explained, liquids such as coffee, wine, and tea can quickly discolor your teeth. Furthermore, acidic foods such as red sauces and vinegar can discolor and damage teeth.

  • Quit smoking

Tobacco can cause excessive yellowing of the teeth. Smoking produces a buildup, resulting in persistent yellow to orange stains.

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.

Brush twice and floss once daily. Ask your dentist if cleaning your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash can help.