The core pillar of Octopus Energy’s offering is providing 100% renewable electricity as standard. When you switch to Octopus Energy, you rest assured that the electrons powering your home are coming from renewable sources like wind farms and solar parks, rather than fossil fuels. It offers competitive tariffs with variable pricing, meaning the cost per kWh fluctuates based on market prices. But, regardless of the tariff you choose, your electricity will always be renewable. It makes switching to Octopus Energy one of the easiest ways to reduce carbon footprints and fight climate change.

Access local green energy through the kraken

In addition to sourcing renewable energy from across the country, Octopus Energy generates green power locally through its revolutionary ‘Kraken’ software. This local power matching means customers access green energy produced near them, avoiding transmission losses over long distances. It also provides revenue for local renewable energy generators, encouraging further investment. By tapping into the Kraken, Octopus Energy customers can enjoy green power that is truly local to them. It builds a greener, smarter grid from the bottom up.

Choose an electric car tariff

Octopus Energy Referral has designed electric vehicle tariffs to reward drivers who are switching to green transport. With Octopus’ EV tariffs, charging your electric car overnight can be up to 5 times cheaper than daytime rates. It incentivizes EV drivers to charge when demand is lower, balancing the grid. The cheaper overnight charging also makes owning an EV more affordable. By switching to an Octopus EV tariff, you can power your electric car with 100% renewable electricity at competitive rates. Going electric with Octopus is a great way to eliminate your transport emissions.

Use smart tech to cut energy waste

Octopus Energy provides customers with smart tech and insights to help them slash energy waste and save money. For example, the Plug & Play system installs solar panels, batteries, and smart meters to allow households to store green energy. The Energy app provides customers with real-time visibility into their energy consumption. It allows you to identify waste and reduce your consumption. With smart tech solutions and insights, Octopus Energy empowers customers to take control of their energy usage. It means you have a lower carbon footprint and reduced bills.

Octopus Energy has a reputation for innovation, offering unique green products not available from the ‘Big Six’ energy giants. For example, Octopus Energy Generation allows customers to choose the specific renewable generator supplying their energy. Octopus’ Fan Club Tariff gives EV owners cheap overnight electricity if they let Octopus manage their EV charging. And the Octopus Co-op solar power scheme helps customers afford the upfront costs of installing solar PV. 

By continually innovating with green products like these, Octopus Energy gives its customers new ways to go green. The key thing that sets Octopus Energy apart is that they’ve made it incredibly easy for households and businesses to go green. And once you’ve switched, Octopus manages everything for you, including dealing with your old supplier. Going green has never been simpler. With Octopus’ help, a greener, smarter energy network could be a reality sooner than you think.