Butt lifting or buttocks lifting is a highly demandable cosmetic procedure these days, mostly among young and middle-aged women. In this procedure, the fat or cellulite deposits from other parts of the body are removed to be used in the buttock region, which undergoes an increase in shape and size thereafter.

Today, with modern advancements in cosmetic procedures, butt lifting has become easy and painless. However, there are a few different points that you should keep in mind before considering this procedure. Moreover, you should also have a thorough discussion and planning with your consultant before opting for a butt lift.

What is butt lifting?

As mentioned above, butt lifting is a process that improves the physical look and feel of the buttocks. In addition to treating the buttocks, fat cells from other parts of the body like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and other parts are removed or reduced. The process of removing such fat deposits is commonly known as liposuction.

However, you need to keep in mind that butt lifting is different from procedures like face lifting and breast lifting. Butt lifting adds volume to the fat deposits in the buttock region, thereby improving its appearance.

Usually, plastic surgeons are involved during the butt-lifting procedure. The process is also commonly known as SSBA or Safe Subcutaneous Buttock Augmentation.

In this process, the surgeon performs liposuction on fatty parts of the body as mentioned above. Then, the derived fat is injected around the areas of the buttocks. While the buttocks look better and symmetrical in appearance, the body parts that gave away the fat look more even.

How to know your eligibility?

While getting a butt lift is a completely personal choice, there are some important pointers to keep in mind along with thorough consultation with the experts before opting for the procedure.

  • Your body should be completely developed as an adult.
  • You should maintain a good physical condition.
  • You should have excess body fat deposits for the procedure to be complete.

How long do the results last?

There is no particular time for how long a butt lift might last, results highly depend on the follow-up treatments, health conditions, and other factors. Moreover, the body also changes as people age, thus there is no allocated time.

However, in most instances, it is seen that a butt lift usually lasts for around two to three years.

In this regard, the Sculptra cellulite treatment is a great option for butt-lifting, which is both safe and painless.