Entertaining children is a challenge that every parent has to overcome. Few phrases are more frustrating than “I’m bored”. The problem is that with inflation on the rise, entertainment options are getting more and more expensive. If you have a tight budget, here are some great entertainment ideas that won’t cost you much!

Free cartoons for babies and children

One streaming service may be cheap, but for all the content you want, you basically need to sign up for them all. This can quickly eat up your entertainment budget. Luckily, there are great free kids cartoons available that your children will love.

Kids eat free

Some restaurants do kids eat free specials, which means you can take the family out for an affordable meal out!

Local parks

When the weather is nice, parks are an endless source of entertainment. They can run around, play sports, or even climb on the play equipment.

Recreation centres

Local recreation centres are a great way to entertain your children affordably. They will have options like play equipment, sports facilities, and even a pool – all of which your family will love.


Most museums are not only free but educational too. To top it off, they are great whatever the weather. Rain, hail, or shine, taking your kids to a museum is always a great idea.

Shoot a movie at home

Smartphones today have great cameras that you can use to shoot a movie at home. Gather costumes, write a script, and start shooting your blockbuster. Then, use free editing software to cut everything together. Don’t forget to do a home premier with some popcorn.

Park scavenger hunt

If you have a park nearby, and your children have phones, you have everything you need for a scavenger hunt. Create a checklist with points and assign each child an adult. You can group children if it’s easier. Then, set a time limit and try to get as many points as possible by taking photos of various tasks in a park.

Learn a TikTok dance

TikTok made its name on dances. These are often simple dances to hit songs that anyone can learn. Assemble your children, find their favourite dance, and get moving! This will count as some exercise, which is always good for the family.

Play card games

Card games are a timeless classic that can be played almost anywhere, at any time. All you need is a complete deck and you’ll be able to teach your children games that will entertain them for hours.

Wrapping Up

If you need some affordable entertainment ideas for your kids, keep the tips in this guide in mind!