There are several benefits that people enjoy when buying used Newmar RVs. Saving money is only the tip of the iceberg. Hence, it is essential that you know what perks you will enjoy opting for pre-owned motorhomes. Before visiting Des Moines used Newmar RV dealer, you need to go through all the benefits that make people want to purchase used units rather than new ones.

Saves money

The obvious reason is that it will save you a lot of money. A new rig will cost at least over $100k. however, opting for used products will slash that price by 30%-50%. Hence, a new rig will cost over $100k, and opting for a pre-owned version will help in buying it within 50k-70k.

This will help in saving a lumpsum amount and something which every RV buyer appreciates. How much you can save will depend on the type of RV you are prepared to buy. It means the price will depend on factors like generation, condition of motorhome, etc.


When opting for an RV by visiting Des Moines Pre-Owned Newmar RV dealer, you will always receive a warranty. It means that like any new motorhome your used RV will also have a warranty. It means that for any issue that arises within a specific time period, you are entitled to get it repaired at no additional cost.

It means you are secure from all sides even when opting for a used recreational vehicle. The warranty comes with certain terms and conditions. Hence, it is wise to go through them and understand everything clearly to always benefit from the warranty provided to people.

Unlimited choices

People will always receive unlimited choices when it comes to buying used RVs. When buying a new one, people will be restricted to the new generation Newmar models available. Thus, only a handful of options will be available to you.

However, things change when choosing a used unit. It means that people can buy any model from any generation. It also means that people will be able to get their hands on limited models, discontinued trims, and more. The choice available will be truly unlimited.

Great resale value

An old unit has already gone through the bulk of depreciation when it was owned by previous owners. It means that when opting for used models, people will face a low depreciation rate. It also states that when a vehicle depreciates less it will have a great resale value if an individual decides to sell it.

A new RV will depreciate massively in the first 5 years. Hence, most people opt for old RVs that are at least 5 years old or more when buying pre-owned units.

These are some of the benefits that an individual will enjoy when opting for used motorhomes. It is what you get when dealing with pre-owned vehicles and is the reason why more people are buying them. If you are looking to get a used one, then it’s time to visit a certified reseller before all the good ones are booked.