For BBQs 2U, barbequing is a way of enjoying life. BBQing offers an al-fresco dining experience for outdoor lovers. Try new healthy recipes ranging from pancakes, banana loaves, and scallops to brisket of beef, sausages, and pizzas. Cook a turkey for Christmas, smoked ribs in summer, or put some steaks and burgers every weekend!

BBQs 2U has branded BBQs from Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt in stock. The family is keen to help visitors choose a suitable BBQ for their backyard grilling experience. Gas or charcoal, large or small, grill or smoke, basic or advanced model – BBQs 2U team shares a good insight with their customers. 

Kamado Joe’s latest, advanced, and hottest addition is the Classic III model. The manufacturer’s introduced a patented SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber in Classic III. Harvard University developed the SloRoller, which harnesses cyclonic airflow technology and controls the heat & smoke. The heat and smoke are distributed evenly with the rolling recirculating waves. The food is surrounded with delicious smoke clouds and appropriate heat resulting in reduced hot spots, perfect texture, and tasty flavor. The SloRoller insert can be swapped easily with heat deflector plates while grilling and searing at high temperatures. 

The Divide & Conquer 3-tier multi-level cooking system is exclusive. The half-rack design doubles the cooking space allowing pitmasters to cook different food simultaneously yet at different temperatures. The aluminum Kontrol tower rain-proof top vent is rust-free and helps to maintain consistent air levels for ideal airflow management. The advanced multi-panel firebox [AMP] includes a 6-piece design, which resolves major customer issues that are cracking and rupturing. 

The Kamado Joe Classic III includes a slide-out ash drawer for hassle-free and mess-free emptying of ash. The charcoal basket makes firebox cleaning after cooking an easy task. Leftover charcoal can also be separated quickly from the ashes and be prepared for the next batch of cooking in seconds. The airlift hinge diminishes the dome weight. The double-thick wire mesh fiberglass gasket offers an air-tight seal and is ten times durable than normal industry gaskets. 

Check Kamado Joe accessories on BBQs 2U for improving the grilling experience. JoeTisserie transforms the Classic into a rotisserie oven allowing to sook juicy, tender, and smokey meats and prime rib. The electric charcoal starter to light coals sitting on the base of the grill. Exclusive vented chimney cap, to enjoy grilling in the snow or rain or all year round. 

For outdoor Kamado grills specially designed cover with quick-connect straps to hold it firmly offers great protection from elements. Lump charcoal – the Big Block XL burns for 18 hours – Ideal for weekend grilling marathons! A reversible griddle allows staggering grates placements and a double cooking area. The pizza kit empowers the chef to transform a grill into a pizza oven. DoJoe allows to maintain temperatures with ease, so the pizzas cook perfectly and even baked goods are delicious. Ceramic pizza stone offers crispy toppings and perfect crusts. 

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