You have new blinds, but what do you do with the old ones? Rather than sending them to landfill, there are many surprising ways to recycle old window treatments, and often the greenest option is to reuse them in your home.

Bamboo blinds have slats that can be tilted to control light. However, if you choose a light-filtering fabric, you’ll be able to let in natural light and keep the window covered for complete privacy. Blinds can be wiped with furniture polish and a soft cloth. Since blinds are made of hard materials like wood, PVC, and aluminum, they resist wear and tear better than others. Blinds have fewer custom options, you can get a high-end look for less money. Even with all the bells and whistles available, the blind will be cheaper than its high-end shade equivalent.

10 surprising ways to reuse old bamboo blinds. Many of these require you to take apart your bamboo blind.

Cover the shelves

Open shelving seemed like a good idea when you built it, but then you realized there was nowhere to hide your junk! Hide your Hodge podgy cleaning supplies with some woven wooden shades suspended from the ceiling.

Round bamboo mirror

The bamboo shades are too wide, so cut them with a saw and save the pieces to create a natural mirror.

Bamboo hanging lampshade

Give a basic pendant light some texture with bamboo pieces painted white. We love the organic feel the shade gives this kitchen nook.

Sunburst bamboo mirror

Transform a simple dollar store mirror with bamboo painted white.

Bamboo vase cover

Cut one edge of the material to the height of your vase (use the rounding technique to cut). Wrap, and hot glue in place, and your flowers will be extra warmth and texture.

DIY bamboo placemats

Add some texture to your table! Cut a 19″ x 14″ section of bamboo blinds to easily create your placemat. Use the existing binding to hold the placemat together. Secure your woven part.

Bamboo earring holder

Cut your bamboo blinds to any size and tie the ends. Thread the string through the top pair of slats like a coat hanger. Pull the earrings through the tabs to organize and display them.

Side table with bamboo

Refresh a simple bedside table with paint and a bamboo door. Attach the bamboo canes one by one or cut a section of the lampshade to the desired size and glue it as one piece.

Bamboo lamps

Who knew these fixtures were once bamboo blinds? Follow these instructions to learn how to bend slats into circles (it’s not very hard as it sounds!) to create natural pendant lights.

Cover the dog crate

If your dog crate is outside where guests will see it, dress it up with a simple bamboo cover. Your pooch will still be visible from the front and the open weave allows for plenty of airflows. Some dogs even prefer their crate with a cover – it feels like a beauty cave.