Before you purchase a Windows 11 Professional license key, verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the version of the operating system. See if your current version of Windows is eligible for a free upgrade and determine if you need the Pro version or if the standard version is enough. Here are all the essential things to know about the purchase of a Windows 11 Pro activation key.

How to Know if a Windows 11 Pro License Key is Genuine?

To know if a Windows 11 Professional edition product key is genuine, check the packaging first. Even if you get the cheapest price for Windows 11 Pro license key, a genuine key always comes in a package with a holographic label and includes instructions for activating the key. It is important to purchase the activation key from the official Microsoft Store or a reliable reseller. Be cautious of buying keys from third-party sellers on websites. Instead, opt for an authorized retailer.

Once you have the license key, you can verify its authenticity by visiting the Microsoft Activation website. Enter the code and it will be verified if it is genuine. If you have installed Windows 11 Pro using the product key, you can check the activation status by going to Settings > Update & Security > Activation. If the code is legit, it will show “Windows is activated with a digital license“. If you are still unsure if the key is genuine, contact Microsoft Support and they can verify it for you.

Where to Buy a Legit Windows 11 Pro license key?

You can purchase a Windows 11 Pro license key directly from the Microsoft Store website or from one of the authorized resellers. If you choose the second option, make sure you buy the product key form a reputable retailer. It’s also worth checking prices from different resellers in order to find the most affordable one. Additionally, you can check with any local retailers in your area that sell computers or software. They may also carry Windows 11 Pro license keys.

Consider the cost of the license key and compare it to other options such as purchasing a new computer with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed. Make sure to purchase from an official Microsoft retailer to ensure the authenticity of the license key. Note that Windows 11 Pro license key is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. Finally, be aware of the product activation process and the terms of use of the license key.