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    Our company is thinking of using a staffing agency to hire some new employees. Before we do, I just wanted to get some opinions and feedback. What sort of qualities should we be looking for in a staffing agency?

    Also, it would help to know if there is any agency (or agencies) that we should be contacting. Any referrals or recommendations are highly appreciated by us.

    Looking forward to your valuable feedback. Thank you very much.


    John F

    It’s a good idea to ask around first. Not all staffing agencies are the same. You have to look out for the untrustworthy ones. Getting recommendations is a smart move on your part.

    My three rules when it comes to staffing agencies:

    1.) You need to look for someone who is experienced and familiar with the industry. They must also take the time to completely understand what you are looking for.

    2.) All some companies want to do is to fill the vacancy. This is entirely wrong. Stay well clear of someone like that. For them, they just want to fill places to keep the numbers up. They don’t consider whether the candidate is a good fit.

    3.) It’s important that you communicate your needs to the staffing agency. If they understand what you are looking for, it is easier for them to come up with the right candidate for your company. I suggest you use All Personnel if you’re looking for any recommendations.



    Thank you for this info. Funny enough, they’re actually one of the agencies to look at in our list. We have a list of several places to contact and we’re trying to narrow it down.


    Professor Ralph

    You can test the waters by checking their customer service and their operation. Knowing how they deal with you and your questions or concerns can help you to figure out if you want to use them or not.

    If they appear to be efficient and fast, then this is a good sign. Remember, this affects you as well. If they are not efficient, then how can you really depend on them? It will affect your business too. You may not find the right candidate.



    Make sure to find out about payments and fee structure and things like that. You want to be dealing with complete transparency. You don’t want to find out about hidden fees and surcharges and what not. This speaks volumes about them.



    Oh yeah, I know a few companies who do that and I don’t trust them at all. Shady stuff.



    One important thing to find out is regarding their screening process. Remember, your company won’t be doing this. It is the staffing agency that will.

    Find out more about their screening process. What do they look at when checking out a candidate? Education, qualification and background checks are some of the things they need to do. Also, ask them for references.

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