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    I have never rented a car before. However, in a few weeks, I will be doing just that. I am not sure how straightforward it will be. I suppose there are things I should look out for.

    Can anyone tell me what things I should be careful of? Basically, can I just rent my car and be on my way? Is there a lot of controversy in this particular industry?


    John F

    I wouldn’t say it is a controversial industry, but it is certainly conducive to misunderstandings, That’s why it is a good idea to be careful, so you are right to be a little cautious.

    When you rent a car, it is highly advisable that you look for any signs of damage. Check it thoroughly because sometimes, while the car is in your possession, damage that was missed could suddenly become more visible. You could be blamed for this.



    Look at the bumper, check for dents, check the windshield; basically, anything and everything. If you notice anything, you better mention it, or better yet, don’t rent it. If you do, you could end up paying for damages.

    I suggest that you use one of the more experienced and trustworthy companies. They are more likely to do things properly, someone like Discount Car & Truck Rentals, though there are others as well. Don’t go to some small place that no one has heard of.



    Check the tires to make sure they are in good condition, especially in winter. Tires play a big part in safety and you want your family and yourself to be safe. Make sure they are properly inflated, otherwise ask for them to be inflated.

    If the tires are not properly inflated, it could lead to blowouts. When you are driving fast on the highway, this can be dangerous. Also, make sure to check the tread wear.



    Even though the rental company will probably check the fluids, I think you should do this as well. It is better to be safe than sorry. Anything can happen. The best thing to do is to check for yourself so you will feel satisfied.

    The thing is, who knows if someone checked it or not? Perhaps they were going to get to it but did not. Sometimes, there could be a leak somewhere, which may have just started. So, while it may have all been topped up, it may be slowly leaking. You could spot it and let them know. You can then rent another car.



    Check the lights. Make sure you ask them to help you out, unless you happen to have a friend with you. Then you can both check to see if the lights are working properly.

    Sometimes, it can escape their attention. Lights can stop working at any time. It could blow at any moment. If you are satisfied that all the lights are in working order, then you will feel better when you rent the car. Otherwise, it could cause your rental experience to turn into a problematic one.

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