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    John F

    I need to get dining room furniture pretty soon. What kind of things should I consider before I go and get it? What’s a good place to go to? I am looking for something classy and high-end. We do a fair amount of entertaining and have people come over quite a bit.



    I would suggest that you first look at the dimensions of the room where you will place it. The dining table is the thing that will take up the most space. Make sure the space you have will accommodate it.

    Even if you can fit it in, it could get congested. Get the room dimensions before you go to any store.

    If it is going to be placed close to a wall, make sure that people can comfortably slide their chair in and out when sitting or getting up. If you are looking for high-end dining room furniture, you should try The Art Shoppe.


    Miss Phillips

    Since you have people come over a fair amount, consider getting a table that can open up to accommodate people. If not, you can keep it folded. It is nice to have this option.

    It is important to keep your guests comfortable. You want your family to feel comfortable too. You do not want people feeling squeezed and banging their elbows.

    That’s why you should look at the space and the table size together to make the best decision. Take your time. You could also take the room dimensions and talk to the people at the store. I am sure they have seen this a thousand times and can offer you advice.



    You should consider your layout. This will give you an idea regarding the flow of traffic. How are guests / family coming in and going out?

    Do not get anything until you understand this part first. You don’t want to get something and smack your forehead afterwards!

    When you are at the store and see a table you like, think about whether people can move around freely. There may be people getting up constantly. Make sure you have room for ease of movement.



    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned chairs! You all plan on standing around and eating? 😂😂😂

    Make sure to take measurements of the table and the chairs. I believe the height is a pretty standard thing although it could be customized.

    You don’t want to get a table and find out that when sitting in the chair, your thighs are touching the underside!



    Ask the store if they can custom design something for you. This way, you can get something that is unique and complements your taste.

    Just make sure that comfort is the number one consideration. No matter how gorgeous it looks, if it is not comfortable, you are stuck with some pretty expensive stuff!

    From what you said, it appears budget is not an issue. Normally, this is one of the things people do consider. Otherwise, consider your taste, lifestyle, the space and comfort when choosing.

    I wonder if they can come to your place? No harm in asking them. Then they can see your layout and perhaps make a recommendation.

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