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    I am going to be travelling for a few weeks soon. I have no idea whether I should use the local currency of the country I am going to or if I should change it to US dollars. I was considering changing my money to US dollars. I think it would be convenient. I am sure people will take it wherever I go.

    Do you think I am making a mistake? I am not experienced in these things. In fact, it will be the first time I am travelling outside the country.



    Where are you travelling to?



    I will be going to Asia. I will definitely be going to several countries in Southeast Asia as well.



    In my opinion, I suggest that you change the currency to the local currency of whichever country you are going to. Actually, I think you should do that no matter where in the world you are going to. This is what I would do anyway, just to be safe.



    Firstly, you don’t have much travel experience. Secondly, this way, you will know the value of anything you are going to buy.

    For example, if you go to some shop on the roadside, or I suppose anywhere, for that matter, the prices of items will most likely be displayed in the local currency, right?

    Supposing you pay for something in US dollars, there is a chance, and a very good one, I might add, that you will probably be scammed. The local shop owners will do their own conversions and I guarantee that it will be done in their favour, not yours.

    Now, if you paid for something that was advertised as 200 in whatever local currency it was, then you can pay exactly that amount. Even if you get change back, they can’t really cheat you, can they? You are safer this way.



    You need to be aware of the reputations of the countries you’re going to. Certain countries have a higher crime rate than others. Some countries are notorious for scammers and con artists, especially if you’re visiting there as a tourist. You should be OK in places like Singapore or Japan but in some places in Thailand or India, you have to be on your toes.

    The best advice is to just be careful no matter where you go though.



    I suggest that you brush up on some things about the country you are going to. Learn the value of the currency because it can be confusing. This can help keep you from getting ripped off.

    For example, in Japan, something may cost around 850 yen, but that’s less than $10! Before you go, you should get some expert advice from someone like Interchange Financial. They can help you and advise you. You can travel freely and safely and have peace of mind.

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