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    I am considering making arrangements for my father to move to a retirement home. He and I have both discussed the matter and we feel it may be for the best.

    Despite having certain problems, he is still relatively active for his age. I would not want this to change for him. I want him to stay active and take part in activities to keep himself busy. It also helps if he keeps moving about.

    I think it is important to stay somewhat active. Does anybody know what kind of activities retirement homes have? Can he stay active? I think the moment you decrease movement and activity, you will end up going downhill slowly. That is just my opinion. Your thoughts, anyone?



    There are lots of activities in retirement homes. I guess each home is not the same. Some may have certain things that appeal while others may not have something that you fancy. It all depends. Activities can vary. I guess you will have to search for places that have things your dad can enjoy.



    Actually, if you father is still quite active, you don’t have to rely on the activities that are solely offered by a retirement home. He can still go out with others. Perhaps he can make friends with a couple of others and they can organize their own activities. It does not have to be restricted to just the retirement home.

    In fact, when you think about it, even you could meet him for activities. I mean, if there was something you and your dad have been doing, there is no reason to stop it just because he went to a home.



    There are some activities that have grown popular with seniors in homes. For example, take cycling. He can go for bike rides with a buddy. Then of course there is walking and jogging.

    If jogging is a bit too difficult, walking would be perfect. It is good exercise and will keep him more mobile and agile.



    There is something called pickleball. It is like a combination of tennis, table tennis and badminton. Some of the older folk seem to have taken to this by storm!



    Another favourite is golf. It’s a great way to relax, have fun with a friend and get some exercise as well.



    Yes, golf! I used to play with him and his friends in the past. I stopped going because I got creamed! He’s a pretty good golfer.



    There’s no reason why you can’t join him for these recreational activities. OK, so you might lose face when he whips you! Just kidding, but why would his move put an end to golf? Go join him again, you know?



    Have you contacted anyone yet? My father-in-law is in a place called Midland Gardens Seniors Apartment. Perhaps you can give them a shout? I’ve actually been there a few times and it’s quite nice. They have some recreational activities, exercise classes and other social activities.



    Yes, I think I will give them a call. It’s good to hear someone else mentioning a place. I still intend to look around though, but thank you for that.

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