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    Cece Cat

    I’m helping a friend arrange for a large party in the coming weeks. It is going to be outdoors. I’m not really good at this sort of thing, so I wanted to ask some advice first. To be honest, I wish they hadn’t asked me! They may have asked a brick wall! However, I will try my best and not spoil it for anyone.

    I need to choose the tent or tents for the event. I’m not sure how to go about it. Do I get one huge one or several smaller ones? I’d hate to make a mistake and ruin the big day! Thank you all in advance.



    You didn’t mention too many details, so it’s kind of difficult to give you some advice. For example, what kind of event is it? How many guests are you expecting? Is it going to be warm or cold when the event takes place? Where will it be held? These are things that can help us to help you.


    Cece Cat

    Oh my god, yes, I am so sorry! You see what I mean? I have no clue about these things. It is for a birthday party. It is going to be held in some park. Well, it will be outdoors anyway. I guess it will be getting chilly but not really bad. Most of the guests will be a younger crowd. There will be a few older folk, like the parents, bosses, etc.

    I don’t know exactly how many people will be attending, but I was tentatively told there will be at least 50 people there.



    I would suggest you get a couple of tents, just in case more people turn up. You could also go with a 40 X 40 tent, but this could all change, of course, once you know exactly how many people will be there.

    Remember, you also need a perimeter around the tent of around ten feet. This is for the sake of setting up and anchoring.

    You need to know what kind of surface it will be. Is it grass, gravel, concrete, sand? I’m guessing you don’t have that info yet. This is to secure the tent. If it is soil or gravel, staking is a good way to secure the tent.


    Cece Cat

    Based on some of what you’ve said, I still need to find out more information. Who can I call? Is there someone you can suggest?



    Don’t forget the service providers! I’m assuming you will have people to cater and stuff like that. They need to set up their own equipment. They will need to be factored in as well. The longer the distance for them to cart their stuff, the more expensive it can get.

    You also want to decorate the tent too. There are different kinds of tents for these occasions. Some tents can fit easily, while others can be harder.



    I suggest you contact Hart Entertainment but make sure you know a lot more information first. They will be able to help. They are experienced with this kind of thing and they will make your job easier!

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