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    I am looking for someone to clean my office regularly. It is a fairly large space with over 20 employees. Now that winter is here, it is more important.

    However, I would also like to keep the place nice and healthy for everyone even in the summer. Can anyone offer advice on which company to call? I can find someone by searching but it may be better to go with a recommendation. It would help if I had some tips on how to make a proper search and what to look for.



    That is a good way to go about it. I did the same thing. My brother-in-law suggested I call FOCUS Cleaning and I have never had a problem. They do a great job. They are more than just cleaners.

    They are experienced in other things. Apart from maintenance, in the event of fire and flood, they can handle that as well. They are pretty experienced.

    I have never had the need for that, thankfully, but it is good to know that they can help you in such an emergency. Sometimes, you just never know, right?



    I suggest dealing with a company that is insured. You need to protect yourself and your business. The cleaning company need to do the same.

    Accidents happen. They will work with chemicals. They may be required to climb up to clean shelves and what not. If they slip and fall and hurt themselves, you do not want to be held liable.

    You need to protect yourself but you also want to make sure the cleaners are protected. It does not say much about a company that does not take care of its workers.

    A company like that may not be properly authorized to perform such duties. They may be scam artists. They can attract you by offering you the lowest price.



    Speaking of scam artists, if you search for a cleaning company, make sure they have been around for a while. Check to see if they have built up a good reputation. No legitimate company that has built a good reputation would want to jeopardize that.

    Try to find out from past clients or even current ones, a little more about them. Are they satisfied? Would they recommend them? If the answer is yes, then you can feel confident in hiring them.



    For me, customer service is a big issue. What is theirs like? How do they communicate with you? Are they courteous? Are they willing to listen? Are they helpful? If you cannot communicate with them in a timely manner and if they are abrupt, do not waste your time or money.


    Professor Ralph

    Make sure that you get a detailed breakdown of the cost of the work that will be done. You must be provided with proper documentation. A good company will provide this. If you are dealing with someone who is just doing things verbally, I would suggest not using them.

    Be careful if a service is cheap. This could be an indication of hidden costs being added on. They need to be transparent with their documentation.

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